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Features for builders

Vivihouse combines a future-proof range of features, which can be continuously extended.

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Flexibility to remix all kinds of uses: working, living and spaces for the community.
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Highly Customizable
In terms of structure, floor plans and design. Adjustable to site, regulations, climate and available materials.
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Renewable and healthy

Benefit from wood and other natural materials such as clay, straw bales and lime.

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The framework currently works for up to 6 stories. Preventing the sealing of precious soil.

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The buildings are CO2 positive, even after many years of use. The carbon is stored in the materials, while the building use iteself emits a minimum.

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Extensible, and upgradable Elements. Also demountable, transportable and reusable. Demolition protected. Backward compatible.

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Climate friendly

Good insulation, open to locally optimized building services concepts, low grey energy, low life cycle footprint.

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Non-destructible disassembly, recyclability, reusability, compostability at both resource and element levels.

With a verstatile, reusable building system.

Very customizable by design

For up to six storeys