Co-creating beautiful ecological buildings.

For hybrid uses and internal flexibility.

Skeleton structure wrapped in excellent insulation

At the urban scale.

Tech for up to six storeys

Based on a reusable modular system.

Highly customizable and easily adaptable

Consisting of prefabricated elements.

Storing CO2 long-term by using renewable materials for reusable components.

As an inclusive technology for co-creation.

Modular compatibility for new practices and practitioners.

All parts of the 1st prototype have been reused in the 2nd.

Circulating elements for an expandable building kind.


Nikolas Kichler

Concept and development


Paul Adrian Schulz

Design and communication


Mikka F├╝rst

Execution and realisation


Karin Stieldorf

Building physics and climate design

The team behind vivihouse.

Initial R&D consortium

Financial Sponsors

Prototype Sponsors