We are delighted that on 28 May 2019 the Association of German Architects (BDA) adopted and published a position paper entitled “Das der Haus Erde” (The House of Earth). This paper contains ten points that call for a change away from the idea of growth towards reutilizing, repurposing, re-use and shared use in architecture and construction. We can find ourselves in many of these respects and welcome very much that the BDA is addressing these issues, which is why we present an excerpt of the Deutsche Bauzeitung below:

  • The “intelligence of simplicity” has to replace the technical upgrading to “intelligent buildings”.
  • Priority must be given to preserving what already exists instead of careless demolition.
  • All materials used must be completely reusable or compostable.
  • The abandonment of carbon-based materials and fossil fuels in construction supersedes energy efficiency.
  • Mobility must be understood as a conceptual and design task for architects and urban planners.
  • Germany’s growing polycentricity must be strengthened.
  • A culture of experimentation and political laboratories should help to test ideas and proposals for climate-friendly lifestyles and behaviour.

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